Wedding planning

Wedding is not yet til’ next year but who wants to lend me a hand in planning this?

Fiance is not really into wedding planning so its safe to say that I get the full control of it!


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If they wanted to make me feel useful, they wouldn't have made me   work with you.
what’s new? well, I’m ENGAGED!

Let me take away these cobwebs…, it’s been a while since my last *post…visit* to tumblr…, and well, alot has happened.

and…IT happened! I’m talking about his proposal.

My fiance can be the most unromantic and at the same time, most romantic (in his own interesting way) man I’ve ever met. No, he is not the type that will bring you flowers, court you in an old fashioned way, infact, it is quite the opposite… He is the type that is never really into surprises and elaborate plans…, and well, his proposal is quite that.

It happened in a very uneventful manner, in a very uneventful place…, in our hotel room. He asked me to come with him to visit the resort’s pool and I complied even though I was quite annoyed and tired from the flight from Toronto to Miami (not to add, the temperature change that literally shocked my body…).

So there I was, getting ready, putting towels into our beach bag, packing sunscreen when he just called me and told me to stop and relax for a bit. He said, sit back and I need to tell you something. Ofcourse, I plainly said “okay, what is it?”

That is when he kneeled down on one knee and popped the question. He said he has been thinking about it quite lately and he couldn’t wait anymore. We are in a perfect place, an intimate place and he thought that it is quite a perfect time to ask the question.

Ofcourse, I was NOT AT ALL expecting that. My first response was honestly “are you serious?” … in my mind, i’m asking “is this seriously happening right now?”, but it just translated badly. He looked at me and gave a little laugh and said “ofcourse I am serious.”. Quickly realizing my mistake, I said “YES ofcourse ofcourse!”

So there you have it…, an uneventful but quite perfect proposal…in a sense that I totally was not expecting that at all.  To be honest, I was really hoping for a proposal soon…, I was hoping it to be during that vacation, I was imagining it to be… in a place that is special where I will be wearing something more, elegant, more put together (haha!).

Am I regretting it and wishing for a better proposal? Not at all. To me, its his own little way of being sweet and romantic and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides, he did buy my one requirement for “ideal rings”…. my sapphire <3 

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Why, hello there~

How time flies for my little Myken. Only 4 weeks apart pictures.

“One day it just gets better. There’s no explanation or reason why. You just wake up and you’re not angry anymore.”

- Unknown  (via swimmingpoolforants)
“The worst feeling is feeling unwanted by the person you want the most.”

- (via n-kd)


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