Rocket Girl Kiseki is my personal tumblr where everything goes! Rocket Girl came from SaintVox song called Rocket Girl~ Merry Xmas Mr. Lawrence which also happens to be my favorite song out of all the songs in the album.

A little about me…,

I’m currently 23, turning 24 on September. Just finished my second degree and is now ready to go out to society (lol)!

I am an anime fan although now adays, my anime watching and fandom-“ing” has stalled. I’m actually liking the American comics in comparison to manga… especially Marvel and Vertigo comics. I do still love DC …

I am a full time Vegan and loving it. I love to cook and invent new dishes (as I don’t follow recipe word per word… I let the ingredients serve as an inspiration~! )


lovely lovely background is taken from http://septdesnovembre.deviantart.com/ 

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