An interns view on veganism and why it is damaging. ▷



After having practiced medicine in Vancouver for over 10 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that vegans are mentally ill. The most common deficiency I’ve seen in them is B12 deficiency and very low B12 causes psychosis in many people (one of the most difficult to treat psychotic I saw as an intern…

I’m reblogging this again so I can ask the owner of this blog where in the fuck she gets off blatantly lying about being in medicine?

If you have been ‘practicing’ medicine or have been an intern for ten years, how are you then only 24 years old?? So you were 14 years old when you started interning? To be a medical intern, you need to go to medical school, or naturopathic school. You are clearly a huge bull shitter and the fact that you have SEVEN different mental disoders yourself makes wonder if you are just having issues and not thinking clearly..

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colors makes it more yummy C:

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today’s dinner~ partnered with the sushi rice c:

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leftover from yesterday’s lunch…, bangkok chili noodles, a new item at thaiexpress C:

Couscous with carrots, kale, edamame, and flax seed… Tomorrow’s lunch (Taken with instagram)


followed the recipe from here with minor tweaks (less sugar, added flax seeds, added avocados…, cupcake form instead of actual cake…)

and minus the icing because i’m not much of an icing fan. I do like looking at them, but not eating them :x

… Although i’m tempted to make an avocado-chocolate frosting

re-blog again :) the cupcakes i started eons ago (lol)


My special* lunch for luck (for my interview! eeeep *.* )

Rice with Brussels sprouts, beans and flax seeds, splash of rice vinegar and soy sauce…

Then topped with long beans, broccoli and mushrooms

… A recipe for yumminess C:

reblog from my new* health/vegan blog (lol)

Dinner courtesy of my sister <3

She cooked this due to my dinner request~! I love how i’m explicitly and implicitly i’m teaching her to slowly be Vegetarian :P

(She did cook herself and my dad fish as a side though … while i have my lovely brussels sprouts)

food/recipe suggestions :)

Before I finally go to sleep, I’m just wondering if anyone can give me ideas/recipes for a little party that I’m hosting for my family. It is to celebrate me and my sister’s “being officially done for the year” and me graduating soon~ 

I’m planning to have Vegan Lasagna as one of them…, 

so …, any more ideas?